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It is that time . . . fun in the sun! You have your ticket; you can taste the tequila, you already feel the sand in your toes. BUT before you go buy that new bikini or sunscreen it might be a really really good idea to book your covid test. Why? Because, tequila will definitely interfere with your ability to get a covid tested.

Seriously, no swab joke . . . Tequila is for real, it has caused many people to miss their return flights and it can cause serious interference with getting swabbed.

And for all those people out there who I know love to “wing it” . . . and think I will just get a test when I get there. Yup, you can get a covid test once you arrive in Sayulita . . . hell you can even get a test at the airport. But, you will also spend a lot of time inline, you have a high chance of missing your flight and “winging it” will for sure take away from your tequila time, surf time, fun in the sun time.

As much as we love tequila, (and all the staff at the Sayulita Covid Testing Center love tequila and depending on our day it is regularly consumed)

However, we have noticed that tequila does have the amazing effect of causing people to lose all forms of logic and definitely a few brain cells. Ya,think? This therefore does have an effect on people and ability to get their covid test.

The 5 Biggest effects tequila has on the covid test is people’s ability to

  1. Not remember that they have a test appointment! Swab Tip: book an afternoon appointment. You have a much higher chance of remembering an afternoon appointment.
  2. Deal with the Swab, the swab can be an unpleasant experience. Swab Tip: the swab is easier if you are slightly buzzed verses hung over, so refer to #1 book in the afternoon or hair the dog.
  3. Not CHECK THEIR EMAIL. Swab Tip: Check your email, is it there? No, check your spam folder? Now, download your letter to your phone. Why? this way when you are drunk at the airport and can’t get on the wifi you can still produce your letter at check in.
  4. Book in advance, it seems with tequila all the days blend into one and then it is the last day of your holiday and you still have not had your covid test. Swab Tip: Last minute testing and expediated letters are gonna cost ya extra pesos! This leaves less pesos for tequila!
  5. Find and locate our testing center. Swab Tip: Best tip ever! Book an onsite test! We come to you, that way you can sit in the pool with a margarita and get tested all at the same time!

So, before you arrive in Mexico and jump on the cervaza, tequila burro band wagon if is a really good idea to plan ahead and book your covid test in advance. We promise to email and text you a reminder so all you have to do is enjoy your vacation in Mexico, drink tequila and get swabbed!

Written by

Marjie Martini

Queen of the Q-tip

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