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For in Home/Onsite Testing

For groups of 10 or more please send us an email:

Under 10 people, you can book directly.


Testing in our center

A nurse or technician will be doing the test at your hotel or villa, And an administration assistant will process the payments and verifies that your data is correct.

Please click on the button below and book online.

Things to know:

  1. Is one test more accurate then the other? No, both the Antigen and P.C.R. test detect if you have Covid. In our personal experience of testing over 5000 people we have not experienced a “False” positive test. Any of our clients who have had a positive result with an antigen test have also tested positive on a P.C.R. test.
  2. Can I have my test swab in the mouth? Yes, for ALL children and people with special issue regarding their nose and body we can perform a mouth/spit test on request.
  3. Does the swab go to my brain? No, our nurses are very gentle! Tip: blow your nose before testing it will make your eyes water less.
  4. Are you testing within 3 calendar days of departure? (Including your date of departure) We truly want you to get on the plane and to avoid any stress. Due to each airline having a different timeline policy and constantly changing CDC recommendation for their test result letters. We HIGHLY recommend testing within 3 calendar days verses 72 hours this avoids any possibility of your letter being denied at check in. If your letter is denied at check-in you will have to retest and run the risk of missing your flight.
  5. Antigen test results emailed with in 3 to 5 hours of testing. (printed copies are not required for boarding)
  6. Bring your passport to your testing appointment.
  7. Check your spam folder for your test results.
  8. Plan ahead and don’t wait until the last minute. Our center is fully booked everyday so book online.

Top Questions:

Can I book one appointment for my family?

No, each person MUST book one individual appointment and enter their passport information. This information then will be transferred to your result letter for your flight.

Can I pay at the day of testing?

Yes, you can pay with credit card or Mexican pesos.

Can I cancel my appointment?

Yes, you can cancel online 24 hours prior to our appointment. All cancelations or no show within 24 hours are subject to full payment charge.

Can I reschedule my appointment within 24 hours?

Yes, we will reschedule your appointment within 24 hours with full payment.

Do you take walk in’s?

Yes, but the wait time is much longer as walkin’s still have to register into our system. If you book online your wait and testing time is less then 5 minutes.